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The Chakras

If you are seeking additional help please seek a licensed professional as this is only for informational purposes only.

Chakras are the energy centers of the human body. Restoring imbalances in the flow of energy can clear emotional disturbances and strengthen your physical body, helping you to operate at your optimal level of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. There are seven major chakras one enters the physical body at the top of the head, and the other six occur along the vertical midline of the body, with energy entering the body from both the front and the back.

Essential oils can balance the chakras with specific oils offering different effects for each chakras. Candles are used in meditation and relaxation for the mind, body and soul. Essential oils are used as a method of accessing information in a specific area of a chakra in order to direct specific energies for personal growth and overall healing of the entire body. 


Our candles are handmade and distributed within our company here in Florida. Our candles contain 4 essential oils which correspond with each of the 7 chakras. All our candles are soy paraffin wax base and essential oils make our candles unique with the special blend of oils and fragrances. Each one of our speciality made candles are only made in a small bundle and are unique and one of a kind. Once the specific candle sells out we offer a different style but same quality. Our candles are unique in fragrance and also come with a free affirmation  card and chakra pendant. We also offer monthly membership with a 3 level system, Bronze, Silver and Platinum. 

The Root Chakra



*Responsible for the sense of security of you basic needs


*Represents the animal nature, base level of existence and survival center


*Balancing requires meeting your physical needs without becoming obsessive.

The Sacral Chakra

Responsible for sexual and creative energy, sense of abundance, well-being and pleasure

Involves sexuality and the act of creation


*Energy dictates whether we follow desires or deprive ourselves


*Balancing requires expressing our creativity in healthy ways.

The Solar Plexus

*An exchange place between energies and the main powerhouse of the human body


*Involves our sense of personal power without overpowering another person

*Balancing means we neither seek to over power someone nor allow them to disempower us.


The Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Represents your feelings of love towards yourself and others


It relates to a conscious choice to act with love towards ourselves and others


This love doesn't require a person to change to receive love


Balancing requires us to work through pain and 'hurt to find unconventional love

Responsible for communication and being an effective listener.


Expressing oneself without seeking approval or agreement.


Balance represents being able to hear clearly without judgement, of past hurts or fears.


Being able to communicate effectively and express our voice positively.

Associated with the dimension of light through imagination and inspiration

Allowing ourselves to access a greater wisdom beyond our thinking

Listening to our intuition without self doubt

Balance require trusting our intuition and making decisions based on that trust


The Crown Chakra

Imbalance of this chakra may present as instability with an excess of energy

This chakra is associated with knowledge and spiritual enlightenment

Depleted energy can result in depression and feelings of despondency

Balance in this chakra leads to blissful and ecstatic states.

Inner peace and fulfillment accessing innate wisdom, connection with higher power.

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